Red Birds of Happiness


Quick stats about the movie

Trang-Mai loves her red birds. The fortune teller said they will bring her happiness. But the children in her village are always up to mischief.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Rob Huynh

Director’s statement

Rob Huynh says:

“The story was inspired by an image of my mother in a traditional school uniform, a bird-loving uncle, and personal childhood experiences as gang member of obnoxious little brats.

Unfortunately for the feathered creatures, the true-life version of the story did not have a happy ending. I’ve always felt a little guilty about their unintentional demise, so this one is for the birds.”

About Rob Huynh


Rob was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was raised in a junkyard on black sand and groomed into a nice, young man in a doughnut shop. Today he is a new media designer and art maker.

Following an internship with David LaChapelle in Los Angeles, Rob plans to continue living a creative life, developing new projects and collaborating with friends. He currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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