Quick stats about the movie

Temporarily connected in time, a man tries to prevent the murder of a young woman, living in his house 30 years in the past.

Creative team

Writer/director: Marc Roussel
Producer: Ron Basch, Mark Sanders

Director’s statement

Marc Roussel says:

Remote was the first long-format short film produced by Ron Basch and myself for our new company Red Sneakers Media. Everything we had done prior to Remote was under five minutes. So, for me as a writer/director, it was a real test in telling a story with a traditional three-act structure that could be used as a calling card for feature work. All my previous shorts had gag endings or gimmicky concepts. Remote had to be a real film.

Its story was born out of my love of horror and thriller films and I wanted to do my version of a ‘slasher’ flick. The kind that has a faceless killer stalking an isolated young woman. The kind I grew up watching as a kid in the ’80s. But I didn’t want to rehash something we’ve all seen a thousand times before. I had to come at it from a fresh perspective but, more importantly, I wanted the film to have believable characters that we cared and feared for.

I didn’t want the story to only be about a psycho trying to kill his prey. It had to have another layer. We don’t always get the opportunities to right the wrongs we have committed in our lives and this story let me explore the idea of getting a second chance.

I set the story during a severe snowstorm and made the apartment in the basement of a house, so that there was only one way in or out, to heighten our lead character’s sense of isolation. For me, winter is synonymous with horror because some of my favorite films are set during that time (The Thing, The Brood, The Shining).

I wanted all these elements in my short film and luckily I had a producer who believed in the script and did everything in his power to make it a reality. Without Ron Basch, there would be no Remote.

Our DP Robert Scarborough, production designer Katelyn Di Guilio, editor Mark Sanders, composer Christopher Guglick and our sound team Shawn Kirkby, Steve Meideros, Jean Bot and Kirk Lynds made Remote look and sound like a feature film.

Our cast, lead by Ron Basch, Sarah Silverthorne, George Komorowski, Peter Racanelli and Julie McCarthy, gave my characters life and grounded the fantastical story. I am grateful to every one of them for joining me on this very challenging journey.

I hope you enjoy our little film that took nine days over three seasons (winter, spring and summer) to shoot.”

About Marc Roussel


Marc Roussel is a Toronto-based filmmaker trained at Humber College and The New York Film Academy.

He supports his filmmaking working in the editorial departments on various TV series’, TV movies and feature films such as  The Skulls 2 and 3Breakfast with Scot, Where the Truth Lies, Adoration, Chloe, Barney’s Version and Breakaway.

He has written and directed the short films Dear Barry, Dead Clown, Sweet Tooth (which won third prize at the 24hr Toronto Film Challenge in 2006), Alchemy (Mobifest, Wildsound Feedback Film Festival and Renderyard 1-Minute Film Festival winner) and Rewind My Love. His new short film, The Elusive Man, is currently playing the festival circuit and winning awards.

Remote, produced through his company Red Sneakers Media in 2008, has screened at 34 film festivals worldwide over a two-year run, picked up 10 awards and was nominated for a Director’s Guild of Canada award for best short film.

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