Road Regrets


Quick stats about the movie

This music video for Dan Mangan’s hit single uses both 3D and 2D animation techniques to illustrate the story of an old Ford Model T and its adventures traversing various extreme terrains.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jon Busby
Producers: Marc Demers, Jesse Davidge

About Jon Busby

Jon Busby

Jon spent most of his high school years creating hand-drawn animated films in his hometown of St. Albert, a suburb of Edmonton, Alberta, before pursuing his passion for animation and filmmaking as a profession at Vancouver Film School.

He then broke into the local industry animating and directing at various production houses before co-founding the Vancouver studio, BLATANT.

Now an award-winning director, Jon’s work has screened at numerous international venues including the prestigious Annecy Animation festival in France. His past projects include music videos, commercials and television shows produced using 2D digital animation, FX, motion design and live action.

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