Room Service


Quick stats about the movie

A woman confronts her husband’s mistress in a motel room with unexpected results.

Creative team

Writer/director: Glen Matthews
Producer: Andrew Hicks

Filmmaker’s statement

“This film marks my writing and directorial debut after spending the past seven years as a professional actor.

We shot Room Service in Halifax, Nova Scotia with $750, which we raised using Indiegogo.

I feel incredibly fortunate and humbled to have directed the exceptional talents of Vanessa Walton-Bone whom I’ve long admired (and for whom I specifically wrote the main role), Molly Dunsworth (who starred in Hobo With a Shotgun), Samantha Wilson and Mauralea Austin (both of whom were my instructors in theatre school in 2006).

I’m proud to say that – in spite of this being my first film as a director – this is one hundred percent the film I set out to make. I could not be happier with the finished product and also the accolades and honours thus far (finalist for 2013’s CBC Short Film Face-Off, first runner-up for best international short at Cleveland Film Fest and, of course, inclusion in the NSI Online Short Film Festival).

I hope you enjoy the film.”

About Glen Matthews

Glen Matthews

Growing up, Glen Matthews knew what he wanted to be: a film director or a professional wrestler. Somehow he ended up splitting the difference and settling for a career as an actor.

Glen spent the past seven years working professionally as an actor between Halifax and Toronto, with roles in such feature films as Hobo With a Shotgun, The Corridor, Roller Town and also on television on SyFy’s Haven and the mini-series Moby Dick.

Collaborating with some of this region’s brightest filmmakers served as a catalyst for his desire to pursue his original passion, writing and directing his very own films.

Room Service is Glen’s writing and directorial debut.

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