Quick stats about the movie

When strange things start happening in his apartment, a young man reaches out to a psychic only to find something he didn’t even know he was missing.

Creative team

Writer: Reni Walker
Directors: Reni Walker, Sydney Tam
Producers: Reni Walker, Jessica Maloney

Filmmaker’s statement

As a writer, there is no greater thrill than seeing actors speak your words. We came together for a short but intense burst – two long days over a summer weekend – and I am so honoured to have had the chance to work with this group of inspiring performers and talented crew.

In addition to a diverse cast, women filled five very crucial roles: writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. I couldn’t be more proud of our collaborative effort.

About Reni Walker

Reni Walker

A writer since childhood, Reni studied the fundamentals of storytelling at Ryerson University earning a degree in broadcast journalism. Her career started in radio but went on to include print, publishing and television, where she worked as a writer for the CBC television series, This Is Wonderland.

She then made the jump to digital media working as a content producer. Now working as an independent producer and writer, she is co-writing an original television dramedy and producing a documentary about the power of mentorship. Roomies is her first short film.

About Sydney Tam

Sydney Tam

Sydney Tam is a Toronto cinematographer and photographer whose work has included short films and commercial and independent features. Her expertise has taken her around the world where she’s had the opportunity to use diverse equipment, from celluloid film to compact DSLRs to digital cinema cameras.

Her keen eye for lighting, shadow and detail often get her and her lens deep in with the action where she captures the moment with an alternative perspective.

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