Safelight short film

Quick stats about the movie

The existential struggle of an analog photographer living and working in Taiwan.

Creative team

Writers/producers: Boris Melev, Greg Calderone
Director: Boris Melev

Filmmaker’s statement

I am interested in exploring how feelings of isolation and loneliness manage to permeate even densely populated, urban environments. Many of us long to travel, to explore the unknown or exotic, only to yearn for the safe and familiar upon arrival in foreign landscapes.

The short film Safelight is a visual poem that delves into this tug-of-war of the heart.

About Boris Melev

Boris Melev

Boris Melev is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Toronto.

Graduating from Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Boris began his career creating album art and music videos. Borrowing from the sensibility of analog photography, his work evokes a nostalgic, dreamlike state.

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