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Quick stats about the movie

Harvey Lowe won the world’s first yo-yo championship in 1932. He experienced the early loss of his father, political and economic unrest, and a brain tumour. The yo-yo, which made him famous, helped him regain his identity.

Creative team

Director/writer/producer: Jason Karman

Harvey Lowe

Sadly Harvey Lowe passed away in March 2009. Visit the following links to learn more about this documentary and remarkable champion.

Director’s statement

Jason Karman says:

“I met Harvey Lowe through Vancouver writer Jim Wong-Chu who told me about how the world’s first yo-yo champion regained his memory. Harvey’s skills amazed me but what intrigued me more were his anecdotes of people and survival.

I wanted to show the world how the man behind it all triumphed with his yo-yo.”

About Jason Karman

Jason Karman

Jason Karman, an honours graduate from Capilano College Cinematography program, has been directing since 2003. His experience as an Indonesian immigrant in Canada is a source of inspiration for him. His films have played in Philadelphia, Houston and Sacramento.

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