Subway Harmonies


Quick stats about the movie

The breaking of an old memento reminds an elderly opera diva of the talented woman she once was – and may still be – as she joins a busker’s performance during a routine subway ride.

Produced with a grant awarded by BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), a division of Bell Media Inc.

Creative team

Writer: Peter Murphy
Director: Leah Cameron
Producer: Alex Molenaar

About Leah Cameron

Leah Cameron

An MFA graduate of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Leah is a content creator and copywriter who loves collaborating with others to tell funny, dramatic and deeply human stories. She also was a magazine journalist and editor in a former life, so she knows how to hit brand tone and nail headlines.

Recently, Leah has written copy for The1stMovement in Los Angeles (Moutai Liquor, WOW – Women of Wrestling, T1M’s own brand refresh) and has helped create pilot episodes for two dramatic television shows in Canada, which are both currently in development with CTV.

Leah has also story edited, written and associate produced two seasons of the pop cultural web series Where Cool Came From and has directed and written several narrative shorts (Subway Harmonies, Ninulla, The Lion Shadows) many of which have played international festivals.

If Leah were forced to pick a favorite writing genre it would be dramatic comedy. (She is still in love with Six Feet Under 15 years after the fact.) And if she were forced to pick a favorite donut flavor it would be maple. Always maple.

She is also fluent in Spanish and French, which impresses people sometimes even though she rarely uses these skills on the job.

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