Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up short film

Quick stats about the movie

After receiving a corneal transplant, a man befriends a witty blue-haired girl at the park.

Creative team

Writer: Simon Paluck
Director: Caitlin Dosa
Producers: Michelle Solomon, Simon Paluck

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is an opportunity for audiences to explore the relationship between an organ donor and receiver. When we look at the statistics, a donor can save eight lives. It’s an example of the reach of just one person, big or small.

About Caitlin Dosa

Caitlin Dosa grew up in Mississauga, Canada and began studying film in 2009.

Her debut film Sunny Side Up was awarded several select grants. She worked closely with Michelle Solomon and Simon Paluck of Picosphere to bring the film to life. To date, Sunny Side Up has premiered at many film festivals both in Canada and abroad.

Some highlights include the best breakout performance award at the Canadian Film Festival for the film’s lead Peyton Kennedy and an international premier at the Academy-qualifying Savannah Film Festival alongside Jennifer Morrison’s feature Sun Dogs.

Caitlin’s directing career began in talk shows, with her latest work airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network Canada.

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