Quick stats about the movie

A short comedy about why a roommate should always sleep with his mouth closed.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ryan LaVia

Filmmaker’s statement

Ryan LaVia says:

Teabagged was inspired by watching some five second films online which made me want to attempt something extremely short and witty.

I knew right away that I wanted my film to have a title that the audience would instantly relate to and, once the title was conceived, the rest of the story came together quite quickly.

Teabagged was shot digitally on a DSLR camera over six hours and took even longer to edit mainly because every bit of original audio was replaced in post-production and re-created for clarity.”

About Ryan LaVia


Ryan LaVia is an award-winning writer, producer, director living in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Since an early age, his passion has been filmmaking and the creation of enlightening and entertaining work that audiences everywhere can enjoy.

Currently, Ryan works at Thunder Bay’s local television station where he writes, produces and directs television commercials for broadcast.

Ryan’s also a social media junkie who loves to interact with like-minded individuals. To find out what Ryan’s up to next, follow him on Twitter.

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