The Cheese Container


Quick stats about the movie

Jamie has always had problems with cheesiness, at least in spoken form. Luckily for him, he has an understanding girlfriend, Lauren, who expresses her love for Jamie without pressuring him to reciprocate by leaving him notes in a cheese container.

This story illustrates a relationship that is about being there for one another rather than trying to change each other.

Creative team

Writer/director: Janice Chow
Producer: Rebeka Herron

Director’s statement

Janice Chow says:

“In this film I was trying to use conventional ideas about the way people see love and cheesiness to portray a non-conventional view about how simple expressing love can be. In essence, using cheesiness to balance the main male character’s distaste for cheesiness.

It’s the idea that simple gestures and simple actions can lead to a greater meaning and greater expression and that what people perceive to be real doesn’t always have to be so dramatic.”

About Janice Chow

Janice Chow graduated from the Motion Picture Production Diploma Program at Capilano University. This is the sixth short film she has directed. She enjoys writing scripts that attempt to use conventional ideas about human behaviour to create new ideas.

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