The Dance


Quick stats about the movie

Alex wants to be what he thinks Jenny wants him to be, but it’s only when he’s himself that they finally connect.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Pardis Parker

Director’s statement

Pardis Parker says:

“I grew up watching shows like The Looney Tunes, Spy vs Spy, and Mr. Bean and what always impressed me with those programs was their universality: their ability to tell a story that anyone in the world could follow and understand because they contained little to no dialogue. I loved that. I loved the idea that people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe were able to share an experience together in the exact same way.

This was my attempt to create that sort of film. The type that everyone could enjoy regardless of their background or age or mother tongue and it was made possible by the tremendous talent of Evany Rosen, the beautiful cinematography and camera work of Christopher Porter and Alastair Meux, the pitch-perfect original music composed and performed by Asif Illyas, Shehab Illyas, and Meaghan Smith, the original costumes of designer Anna Gilkerson, and the awesomeness of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Many thanks to everyone who made this film what it is – you’re all legends.”

About Pardis Parker


Pardis is an award-winning director, writer, actor and comedian.

His films and music videos, including The Dance, Afghan and Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns, have screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide and received over 80 awards and nominations.

He has received multiple best actor nominations for his work in The Dance and Afghan, and has appeared in television and film on both sides of the border including Combat Hospital on ABC, Little Mosque on the Prairie on CBC, Single White Spenny and Moderation Town on Showcase, Really Me on The Family Channel and indie drama Snow.

A six-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and a finalist for Canada’s Next Top Comic, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he’s a regular performer at the Hollywood Improv, Hollywood Laugh Factory and World Famous Comedy Store.

A regular blogger, you can read words that he types at

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