The Gourd of Life


Quick stats about the movie

Two princesses must battle to the death in order for one of them to inherit the crown and find an alternate solution to their problem with the help of a mysterious and diabolical traveller.

Creative team

Writer: Samantha Reimer
Director/producer: Clint Adam Smyth

Director’s statement

Clint Adam Smyth says:

“This film was shot for fun over a weekend with a small crew. It was nice to shoot just for fun rather than some of the more corporate or music work I often do. Everyone involved contributed and we all had a great weekend with very little sleep.

This one has inspired me to start shooting a new series of spoofs.  I will be shooting more spoofs of several different genres over the next year.”

About Clint Adam Smyth


Clint Adam Smyth is a photographer and director. Originally schooled at Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary majoring in photography, he has gone on to direct many corporate and music videos, as well as several short films and a feature called Kona & Isabelle in 2006.

Clint, now in his 19th year in business, currently runs Big City Studio – a full service film, photo and video production company based in Toronto, Canada.

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