The Green Cardigan

The Green Cardigan

Quick stats about the movie

Stan’s mind is straining under the pressure of advanced Alzheimer’s.

Two thoughts pulse in his mind: the need to remember a line of poetry, and the need to find a certain green cardigan. These items dog him obsessively, until one night he follows their ghostly trail into the cold.

Creative team

Writer: Megan Findlay
Director: Matt West
Producers: Amanda Barakat, Han Nguyen

Filmmaker’s statement

“My dad had written this short story 20 years ago and I was always fascinated by it. The very thought of losing grip on reality due to dementia is quite frightening and so I wanted to bring that story to life.

With the free help of volunteers and actors, collectively we were able to make this short film happen.

I am very grateful to everyone that helped make this and to inMotion for its staff and equipment.”

About Matt West

Matt West

For over a decade, freelance director and editor Matt West worked with some of Canada’s most celebrated production houses including Discovery, The Outdoor Life Network, and HGTV.

He has directed and edited more than 500 television episodes, which have aired in over 90 countries, including Gemini-nominated hits for The Food Network Canada and HGTV. His contribution to Food Network Canada’s Licence to Grill helped raise the show to the network’s #1 spot.

He has also directed two award-winning short films, The Funeral … Again and The Kissing Booth (an inMotion co-production). The Kissing Booth won favourite screenplay and favourite invited filmmaker’s film at Ottawa’s Digi60 Film Festival.

In 2012 Matt joined production powerhouse inMotion as full-time chief creative officer. In his role, Matt shepherds the growth of inMotion’s broadcast and entertainment division, lending his signature style and tireless mirth.

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