The Line


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When a line is drawn between obscenity and art, it cuts through the surface relentlessly.

Textures, colours and shapes form a monument to that line: slowly disappearing from the art and revealing itself in our minds, lying boldly between creator and audience.

This line sits couched in a colourful language, inviting you, daring you, to cross.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Sarah Malden
Writer: Chris Lawson

Director’s statement

Sarah Malden says:

“When I approached this project I decided I wanted to show people art the way I saw it. I wanted to make a film I could be passionate about and exhaust a topic I was interested in learning about. I wanted to learn how I felt about art, exploitative art and the relationships we find ourselves in when it comes to art.

It was important to me to challenge my photographer and myself. To ask him to throw himself into a project that solely demanded that we learn. We would be forced to listen and watch and play and through each of these we would hopefully discover a message that we felt was important enough to pass along.

I took vast inspiration from several artists and cinematographers rather then storytellers. I knew I was diving into a subject matter from which I could make a genuine statement and wanted the challenge of speaking it through unconventional pictures. I looked to cinematographers who stylized their imagery in a very controlled way and challenged us to do the same.”

About Sarah Malden

Sarah is a third year documentary student at Sheridan College. She was born in Kingston, Ontario and, in 2005, graduated from Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute having excelled in the visual arts field.

She went on to study at Sheridan College’s School of Animation, Arts and Design in Oakville where she graduated from a visual arts program. In 2007 she graduated from Media Fundamentals and went on to study film.

Sarah was nominated for Best Documentary at the Media Arts Awards in 2009 and was invited to the NFB as part of the World Film Festival in the summer of 2009.

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