Thought Camera, Reel One: “Circus of Objects”


Quick stats about the movie

A “Thought Camera” was created, allowing an explorer to document an internal nightmare of a travelling circus deep within his brainscape.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Murray Toews

Filmmaker’s statement

“I struggled with the theme of the circus. In desperation I built a ‘Thought Camera’ constructed with the intention of filming my inner mindscape.

Using phantasmagorical diagrams purchased at a yard sale and a homemade surgical implement, I cut out a doorway and documented a travelling circus within my own mind.”

About Murray Toews

Murray Toews

Since the late nineties, Murray’s creative work spans the disciplines and media of drawing, video, film, set-dressing, audio-art and digital/analog hand-drawn animation.

He received a bachelor of fine arts first class honours degree from the University of Manitoba with a thesis in advanced drawing.

The years of visual experimentation has led Murray to a “process-driven” animation technique that creates rapidly animated shorts using audio-art and drawings as a starting point.

In 2005 he curated Animator/Re-Animator – a visual exploration and the evolution of the independent animator. The festival represented 18 animated works from Canadian Prairie animators from 1990 to 2004 with screenings in Canada and Japan.

In 2010, he created and produced a live music and animation performance based on a process of errors named Manufacturing Malfunction 3.0 which premiered at IMAX. Since then, his animated shorts have appeared in festivals throughout Canada, USA and Japan.

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