Tigers at the Gate


Quick stats about the movie

While attending an Indian wedding, a young guest takes an expensive hotel room away from the wedding crowd, certain it’s the key to avoiding the people and politics.

Although her plan backfires, she comes to realize that she is a big part of her own critique.

Creative team

Writer/director: Nina Sudra
Producer: Patrick McLaughlin

Filmmaker’s statement

The film entirely takes place in one hotel room and is an homage to filmmaker Michael Dowse who, in 1999, made an NSI Drama Prize film called Room 237 which was also shot entirely in one hotel room.

About Nina Sudra

Nina Sudra

Nina is committed to creating dialogue about social issues revolving around multiculturalism in Canada. She has embraced her passion of filmmaking as a powerful tool to build bridges between people of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

Her films have travelled the globe and touched many lives. These works have encouraged conversations between a varied spectrum of people: from children in impoverished villages to graduate students from universities. Nina’s films have received national accolades and won awards.

She is dedicated to telling stories that reflect the importance of culture and inspire people to see the world from a different perspective. A dream of Nina’s is to have contributed to a compassionate, loving society that can see far beyond racial and ethnic boundaries.

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