Tomorrow’s Love


Quick stats about the movie

In the future it is possible to trade one’s existence for an artificial reality in exchange for your body, and when a wounded war veteran decides to undergo this irreversible procedure, a chance meeting with a waitress forces him to reconsider his plan.

Creative team

Writer/director: Arun Fryer
Producer: Shea Hosell

Director’s statement

Arun Fryer says:

Tomorrow’s Love is based on a short story I wrote several years ago called EvolovE.

I meant for the narrative to be a commentary on where our society is headed if we continue along the same path of technological convergence of man and machine.I am (almost) convinced that one day we’ll be able to upload our consciousness into an elaborate and elegant synthetic network and experience a new awakening as a species, and what intrigues me about this possibility is the decision itself whether or not to unify and become one with the machine.

This would seem to be the ultimate choice we will face as homo sapiens, and Tomorrow’s Love the story of a man named Thomas confronting this new type of fate and what his last few minutes of reality would be like.”

About Arun Fryer

Arun Fryer

A native of Vancouver, Canada, Arun travelled and lived abroad for several years before returning to attend Vancouver Film School, graduating in 2010.He has directed two other short films ‐ Tic and Cyburbia – and is presently working on a documentary about online aggression as well as a dramatic web series about living in the city.

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