Tsi Tkahehtayen (The Garden)


Quick stats about the movie

Shot on the Six Nations reserve in Ontario in the Mohawk language, this comedy follows three women who desire things of the most primal nature. They go to a mystical gardener for help and ask him for what they want most in the world.

The gardener has a magic garden that yields special plants that are considered gifts. He listens to the women’s tales of woe and asks each of them what they need from the garden. Their requests are heard, he plants their seeds, and has them pray and dance to ensure their seeds will grow.

After one month, the women return to receive their gifts. The gardener hands each of them a magical, pink pod. And all expectations are defied.

Creative team

Writer/director: Zoe Hopkins
Producer: Laura Milliken

About Zoe Hopkins


Zoe is Heiltsuk from Bella Bella, BC, and Mohawk from Six Nations, Ontario.

Her short film, Prayer for a Good Day, premiered worldwide at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Another of her shorts, One-Eyed Dogs Are Free, premiered at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto.

Based out of Vancouver, Zoe is currently directing several short film projects for Knowledge and NFB. Hopkins graduated in 1997 from Ryerson University with a B.A.A. in Film.

She was a Fellow at the Sundance Institute’s Filmmaker’s Lab with her feature script, Cherry Blossoms, which is now in development with a Vancouver-based production company.

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