Une Pensée pour Robert


Quick stats about the movie

While on vacation in Morocco, Mara tries to record a video message to her husband but the simple task becomes an ordeal due to some external interference.

Creative team

Writer/producer/director: Kevin Landry

Filmmaker’s statement

Une Pensée pour Robert was created as a ‘challenge film’ for Kino MontrealThis is a monthly tradition at Kino, where directors are imposed one or several restrictions after which, they have a month to shoot a three minute movie.

In this case the title (A Thought For Robert) was mandatory and actors and directors were matched randomly.

The idea was to keep it simple since we only had one month to shoot it which is why the webcam format was used.

As far as the story goes, it came from a brainstorm between the actors and I with the mission of having a comedy with at least an ounce of dramatic tension to it.”

[Ed: see one of the other films produced during the same film challenge which was also programmed in the NSI Online Short Film Festival: A Present For Robert directed by Patrick Aubert.]

About Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry is a Montreal-based filmmaker who specializes in short films and web content.

Since 2010, he has written and directed several award-winning short movies that have been screened in 27 different countries around the world.

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