Young Glass


Quick stats about the movie

Filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a girl sleepwalks through an empty, austere world until she discovers a device that transports her to a more vibrant time and place.

Here she finds life and love, but the device won’t let her stay very long without exacting a heavy toll.

Creative team

Director/producer: Sean Wainsteim
Producers: John Nadalin, James Lloyd
Music: Hey Rosetta!

Filmmaker’s statement

Sean Wainsteim says:

“After hearing Young Glass by Hey Rosetta!, I was struck by the range of emotions and expansive cinematic landscape of the track. Further inspired by the lyrics, I wanted to explore the world that I heard. It moved from alien and full of longing to something that overflowed with emotion, loss and reflection. It felt old and new, big and small, familiar and strange.

It felt necessary to explore these thoughts in a place that felt different yet uncomfortably familiar to what I knew. I went to Brazil, home of my father and place I had not been since I was two years old. There we borrowed the modernist architecture of Oscar Niemeyer to create a future world and contrasted it with the gritty energy of Sao Paulo.

This was a place that was instantly exciting yet an ominous dangerous presence existed. It was here that we told our story of a girl who lived in a world where she would risk everything just to feel something.”

About Sean Wainsteim


The survivor of one art school and one airplane crash, writer/director Sean Wainsteim explores narrative projects in film, television, animation, music videos, commercials, docs and interactive sculptures.

Sean has created award-winning work around the world for personal projects and global brands. In 2011, he won director of the year at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Sean is currently developing feature narrative and documentary projects that explore the remembered and imagined past and completely made-up futures.

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