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In September 2020, the National Screen Institute partnered with Annelise Larson of Storypreneurs Unite to launch a new digital marketing course to help creators find and engage an audience for their projects. At the time, Annelise released four of the eight learning sessions. The final four sessions are now available.

The National Screen Institute’s Liz Hover recently caught up with Annelise to chat about the course in the video above.

In addition to the new sessions, Annelise is providing enhanced support during May and June 2021 for people enrolled in the course.

The course in a nutshell

Scroll down for session descriptions after an introduction by Annelise.

Introduction by Annelise Larson

What can a digital strategy do for you?

Now the full digital marketing course is online, you have at your virtual fingertips a powerful tool to help achieve the goals you have set for your film, TV or web series or any creative storytelling project. If you’ve done all the homework you should have a much clearer idea of what those are, who you need to attract and engage and how to find success.

And as you launch your work into digital space, what can this digital strategic approach help you accomplish? Here are just a few things:

Go get ‘em storypreneur!

For a number of years, I ran an online course called Becoming a Storypreneur for filmmakers and other media storytellers from Canada and Europe. It was intense. It was expensive. And it didn’t reach enough people.

Inspired by this course, I am excited to launch this marketing series in partnership with the National Screen Institute. All eight lessons are now available online. Sign up today!

1 – Starting with WHY & WHO

Learn how to set goals for yourself, your brand/company and your project, and gain insight into the digital audience and how to research and define your specific target markets.

2 – Understanding the Bigger Picture

Learn tools like P.E.S.T., S.W.O.T. and analysis and competitive research to help understand the bigger landscape for your media property and to communicate what makes it unique in language that better attracts investment, talent, partners and other opportunities.

3 – Search & Discoverability

Learn about search engines and what discoverability means in this context. Learn how to dramatically increase the chances of your project getting found online through semantic search engine optimization (SSEO) and other tactics, and how to tap into the power of language and data provided by online search tools.

4 – Social Media, Engagement & Story

Learn how to be more strategic about your project’s social media presence and how to use your social storytelling skills to grow and engage your audience.

*NEW* 5 – Other Ways to Promote and Engage

Besides search and social media, many other opportunities exist online to market your project. Learn about best practices for digital advertising, publicity, email marketing, crowdfunding and other tactics as well as how to figure out which ones are right for your story and the journey and roles you want your audience to take.

*NEW* 6 – The Digital Economy & Your Story

While gatekeepers and curators are still an important part of reaching an audience, many online opportunities exist today for direct or DIY distribution, as well as a number of different revenue streams. Learn about digital distribution and monetization and how to determine which opportunities will best help you achieve your goals.

*NEW* 7 – Understanding the Story in the Data

One of the most empowering things online is the access to data, but it can get absolutely overwhelming. Learn how and where to collect the data most relevant to your project and how to analyze this information to further your goals and find digital success.

*NEW* 8 – Putting It All Together

Learn how the applied exercises for each past webinar can be used to build a digital plan that will provide structure and focus for your team and attract partners, investment, press and other opportunities.

Discount bundle: sign up for all eight sessions for $150

Annelise Larson is a digital strategist and former filmmaker who works with media industry stakeholders to use the digital opportunity to find, grow and engage audiences and work toward sustainable business models. Her podcast STORY+AUDIENCE with writer Jill Golick can be found on all major podcasting platforms. She has released a study with Telefilm Canada entitled Thanks COVID! 15 Lessons for Film Distribution from the First Wave.

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