Focal Point: Amy Reitsma

Amy Reitsma

Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

At the National Screen Institute, we’re thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of our community. Through Focal Point, we aim to highlight significant milestones our alumni, faculty and friends achieve in their projects and Careers.

Congratulations to Amy Reitsma on her appointment as contract program manager for NSI Business for Producers – Atlantic Women’s Edition.

NSI Business for Producers – Atlantic Women’s Edition is designed to foster the growth of women producing professionals in the Atlantic provinces, as well as enrich the region’s production community, and its position across Canada and globally. Program training begins on March 23.

In this role, Amy will work with nine Atlantic women producers as they build on their skills and prepare a pitch package for a current project. The program is customized to the needs of each participant, including expert training from women in the industry.

Amy is an actor and has worked across Canada and internationally for over 15 years. She started her career in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia before pursuing a masters degree in acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK. She lived in London, UK for seven years before returning to Nova Scotia in 2020.

When she first heard about the National Screen Institute, Amy knew her personal beliefs and desire to empower women storytellers would align perfectly with the program.

“The ethos of the National Screen Institute is the idea that stories and storytellers have the power to help create a more equitable world. That’s exactly in line with my core values of being an artist,” says Amy.

Amy hopes this program will not only provide access to necessary training and mentorship for Atlantic women, but also help instill confidence in each participant to have their voice heard.

“We are empowering women to build on the skills, abilities and passion they already have,” says Amy. “The opportunity to have more women at the table means that more diverse stories are going to be told.”

With the start of the program just around the corner, Amy wants to be a support system for participants and mentors as they work to build a community of women producers ready to take on the industry.

“To watch these women and see them advance their careers and other people’s careers is a very exciting gift,” says Amy. “I would like to help them fully realize how capable and remarkable they all are.”

Welcome to the team, Amy! With your guidance and support, we look forward to seeing these creators build on their skills and share their stories.

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