NSI IndigiDocs films now on CBC Gem


Stream When the Children Left (pictured) by Ryan Cooper and Charlene Moore plus As the Smoke Rises, êmîcêtôsêt: Many Bloodlines, Ahkâmêyimo nitânis (Keep Going My Daughter) and Lost Moccasin.

Yakonnhéhkwen (It Sustains Her)

Director: Candace Maracle ·

One woman’s journey from the depression that brought her to the brink of suicide, to the realization of her value as an Onkwehonwe woman and artist.

From a Light Within

Director: Beth Wishart MacKenzie ·

A heartwarming story of brotherly love at the darkest time of year.

Art War

Director: Peter Rowe ·

An interactive film in which the audience participates as part of a blind jury for an art academy whose decision could save the lives of 80 million people.

Tommy’s World

Director: Sam Harding ·

Tommy Rodgers, an eccentric man with a penchant for conspiracies, shares his personal experiences with loss, addiction and love.

Counting on a New Crop

Director: Brina Romanek ·

Best friends, 66-year-old farmer Jim and 23-year-old electrician Jon, struggle to keep Edencrest Farm alive.

Growing Up Skinner

Director: Michael Linton ·

Jeff Skinner’s discovery of his family history and the history of the family business, Skinner’s of Lockport, the longest-running hot dog stand in Canada.

A Certain Texture

Director: Matthew Hayes ·

Alex Unger, aka ELMS, lives a double life: he creates haunting music, and farms cattle.

Just Another Beautiful Family

Director: Katherine North, Nick North ·

Just an ordinary suburban family, except that Dad’s transgender, Mom’s queer and there are five kids in this minivan.

Take Me to Prom

Director: Andrew Moir ·

An invitation to revisit an adolescent milestone through intimate, charming interviews with queer Canadians.

Operation Happy Day

Director: Stephen J. Payne ·

Twenty-two dogs, five days and 5,000 kilometres is part of the story behind the extraordinary rescue of 111 dogs.

Just a Ploughboy

Director: Gina Payzant ·

A film about Canadian writer George Ryga exploring how the land and its people shape the writer, who in turn shapes us.