Director: Gilad Lippa ·

A girl wakes up to mysterious cards sliding into her room with one-word instructions for her to dress up for a Polaroid camera.


Director: Boris Melev ·

The existential struggle of an analog photographer living and working in Taiwan.


Director: Geraldine Carr ·

Mesmerizing kaleidoscopic images captured using one kaleidoscope, three film cameras, three film formats (S8, S16 and 35), finished at the lab and then digitized.


Director: Pascal Tremblay, Sean Stiller ·

A creative short film on the everyday intimacy of climate change.


Director: Sarah El Bakkouri, Cross Li ·

Unworldly – adj; not seeming to belong to this planet; strange.

Locked in a Way

Director: Matthew Hayes, Victoria Mohr-Blakeney ·

A short film exploring the confining and isolating landscape of grief.


Director: Daniel Bear ·

The biggest fear after high school is “what’s next?” but for this young adult “what’s next?” has a darker meaning.


Director: Matthew Edison ·

A Ukrainian musician travels to Canada to meet the one repairman she believes can resurrect her beloved father’s synthesizer.

Gone Means Gone

Director: Traolach Ó Murchú ·

A short film that aims to create better understanding of the impact of the Sixties Scoop.

Entre les lignes (Between the Lines)

Director: Sebastian Furtado ·

A portrait of Montreal dance crew Corpus Collective, highlighting their ability to move as a single organism.


Director: Pablo Diconca ·

A woman and a man drifting on a raft, choose the only possible way.

Of Tides / To Distill

Director: Courtney Verwold ·

An experimental film in five parts challenging expectation in form, utilizing visual economy to interact with critical concepts.