Past Time

Director: Petie Chalifoux ·

A story of love and its power to transcend time, space and even death.

How the Savage Came to Be

Director: Dinae Robinson ·

A short history of Canada’s Indian Residential School system and its legacy.

kiskisiwin | remembering

Director: Martha Stiegman, Jesse Thistle ·

A jingle dress dancer, an 1850s blacksmith and a troop of defiant urban Indians assert Toronto as Indigenous territory.

The Last Deaths of Joe

Director: Adonay Guerrero ·

Joe Whitehorse, an Indigenous actor typecast in a traditional Western, is having problems performing the tragic fate of his character.

Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves

Director: Neil Christopher ·

Two brothers adrift on broken sea ice in a distant land.

Bricks and Mortar

Director: Stephen J. Payne ·

A teacher and his Aboriginal students build a school in the north end of Winnipeg, and in the process re-build their lives.

Tallurutiup Tariunga (Lancaster Sound)

Director: Christopher Paetkau ·

A retelling of part of the Inuit creation myth of Nuliajuk – goddess of the sea.


Director: Frances Koncan ·

Growing up in a mixed-race family, all Dora ever wanted was to be just like everybody else.


Director: Ervin Chartrand ·

A young girl escapes her captors and makes a desperate 911 call.

Not Indian Enough

Director: Alex Zahara ·

A First Nations woman confronts her cousin about spreading rumours about her authenticity as a Native woman.

Honey for Sale

Director: Amanda Strong ·

A poetic approach to the fragility of the disappearing honey bees.

The Hearing

Director: Russell Ratt Brascoupe ·

Russell, who lost his hearing at the age of 13, would like to hear one statement above all others.