Ancient Ones

Director: AJ Vaage ·

When the sun goes down, the ancient ones come out.

Alien Scars

Director: Martyna Koleniec ·

A narrative music video, Alien Scars tells the story of a boy and his childhood pal and of finding comfort through a powerful memory.


Director: Sean Janisse ·

An astronaut travels deep into a black hole to find a way to save his dying love.


Director: Avery Stedman, Graeme Barrett ·

A divorced dad-type goes on a short journey of self discovery.


Director: Benjamin Noah ·

A short film disguised as a music video about one man’s quest for knowledge.

False Allegory

Director: Greg Doble ·

An animated landscape brought to life by the music of Woulg.

Growing Younger

Director: Christina Ienna ·

A one-take music video involving a well-choreographed bicycle routine preformed by the band Michou.


Director: Élisabeth Desbiens ·

Two strangers imagine themselves in another world.

Free the Pain

Director: Various ·

A magician struggles with the absence of his beloved.

Love Oblivion by Hearing Trees

Director: Amy Simoes ·

A breakfast band-jam takes an unexpected twist when retro toys come to life.

Alice by Synthcake

Director: Ian Macdonald ·

Alice revisits the imaginary world of her childhood and finds that it’s not quite how she remembers it.

Blind Swordsmen by Babylon Warchild

Director: Rafael Kuerti, Merak ·

An animated time-lapse music video by Babylon Warchild and graffiti artist Merak1.