Director: Mark MacDonald ·

Rapper teewhy goes through the stages of a being corpse.

It’s a Baby

Director: Jessica Blaquiere ·

A romantic date leaves an elated woman pregnant.


Director: Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux ·

A music video for ‘Reservoir’ by PUP.

At the End

Director: A Black Helicopter ·

A music video for ‘At the End’ by A Black Helicopter.


Director: Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin  ·

Physical improvised contact with the subject of faithlessness illustrates the art of nuance and motion.

Lonely’s Lunch

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

In a near-future India, a rebel freedom fighter must evade a pursuing ever-present paramilitary force and deliver stolen technical plans.

Forgetful Assistance

Director: Michael Schmidt ·

Eight hands perform a highly choreographed “dance” with four iPhones.

I Could Be The One

Director: Peter Huang ·

A woman living a mundane life dreams of a very different existence.

Young Glass

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

A time-traveling, sci-fi love story where a lonely girl is transported back to a vibrant past full of life, love and danger.

Party at Greg’s

Director: Nicholas Friesen ·

Greg’s little sister throws a party that gets out of hand in this animated music video.

Bad Choices

Director: A.J. Bond & Chris von Szombathy ·

A music video for Shout Out Out Out Out.

Dancing in the Club

Director: Alek Rzeszowski ·

A short musical love story set in the bowels of a fictitious Berlin discotheque.