Joy Loewen talks training programs, diversity and the power of story on podcast

Joy Loewen

Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

Joy Loewen, CEO of the National Screen Institute, spoke with Bill Roberts of on a recent podcast episode. is a web-based media outlet that shares news surrounding the cable, radio, television and telecom industries in Canada.

In this episode, Joy discusses the mission behind the National Screen Institute, and why she continues to advocate for creators across the country to have their stories heard.

She shares her experience navigating organizational changes, with programs moving online due to the pandemic and the new initiatives that have taken shape as a result of online learning and reaching a broader audience, such as EAVE On Demand Access Program and Business for Producers – Atlantic Women’s Edition.

Joy discusses the importance of diversity in storytelling, and how the programs and alumni at the National Screen Institute reflect the true stories of our community and country.

“Our alumni reflect the diversity within the Canadian population, and I’m proud to say that the National Screen Institute has had that mandate since the get-go, and has lived that mandate.”

Listen to the episode now:

The Podcast: NSI president, CEO Joy Loewen inspires diversity on Canadian screens

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