Meet Emily Palmer, our new communications intern


Emily Palmer

Communications Intern

My name is Emily Palmer and I am the National Screen Institute’s new communications intern. I am currently studying to complete the master of journalism program at the University of British Columbia. This eight-week position at NSI is a component of the program’s curriculum to allow students to gain professional experience in the industry of journalism.

Over this past year, I have learned the fundamentals of the craft, such as seeking and reporting the truth, fact-checking, analytics of data, and developing stories that serve the public good.

COVID-19 has shifted newsrooms and publications tremendously and has transformed the ways we share stories. I admit, learning how to be a journalist from a distance has presented its challenges. Yet, it has reminded me that the power of storytelling is still alive, even if it may be through phone call interviews or Zoom exchanges.

My interest in journalism peaked after completing my advanced bachelor of arts degree at the University of Manitoba in 2019. Based out of the school’s radio station, I developed a podcast and gained experience in audio journalism. Speaking through a microphone and listening to individuals discuss their unique walks of life left me captivated by the creative possibilities of storytelling.

Throughout the pandemic, I have found more comfort in listening to podcasts. I have found solitude by leaning into personal insights and listening to the individual lessons through the intricate waves of sound. I believe that telling stories through audio creates an intimate connection. Whether it be through tone, expressions, hesitancies or stutters – there are often so many teachable moments that we learn simply with our two ears.

During my time at the National Screen Institute, I will be developing a limited series audio project centered around alumni and their powerful stories. Writing and speaking for a creative audience is a task that I am humbled to take on. I am eager to celebrate the possibilities that exist here at the National Screen Institute and identify the many achievements that shape the organization’s exceptional legacy.

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