Meet Jessica Gibson: our newest manager of programs and development


Jessica Gibson

Manager of Programs & Development

I’ve worked in the Winnipeg film and TV industries for over a decade as a producer and production manager. I’m thrilled to start my next chapter as the newest manager of programs and development at the National Screen Institute.

I was drawn to this industry by my love of movies, and in 2005 when I heard an ad for a new acting program being offered in Winnipeg, I knew I had to attend. Being in front of the camera and surrounded by creative people opened my world to a career path I didn’t know existed. I quickly realized that I had just as much passion for creating content and pulling a production together so I pursued a career behind the scenes.

COVID-19 has created huge challenges for the film and TV industries but it has been inspiring to see how everyone has pivoted to ensure that the industry still moves forward during these trying times. I know that a common activity these days as we hunker down is to find comfort in stories. I think that creating new content is really important work as is nurturing storytellers through this period.

My first project will be managing the STORYHIVE 2020 Podcast Edition. I am a huge fan of podcasts so this feels like a perfect fit for me and a perfect platform for these COVID times.

I reluctantly started listening to podcasts around 2008 after my boyfriend (now husband) put one on. It was all about video games which was not a shared interest. I thought that was what all podcasts were like until another friend suggested I check out This American Life. That show lit a fire in me and since then I have been obsessed. My friends tease me that I always start sentences with “I was listening to this podcast…”. That said, I’ve worn them all down over the years and they’re all now podcast fans too. These days you can find a podcast about anything and everything and I’m here for it.

Throughout my time working at various production companies in Winnipeg I’ve had the pleasure of working with NSI students and alumni and I have seen the valuable training NSI provides. As the newest manager of programs and development, I am very excited to now be part of the team that brings these programs to life and help provide meaningful training to future generations of storytellers.

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