Need a distraction? Staff recommend some of their film favourites from our archives

Still from short film Bait and Switch

Liz Hover

Director of Operations

If you’re looking for free stuff to watch from the safe confines of your home, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the NSI Online Short Film Festival archive of over 1,000 curated short films and the NSI Films website with over 100 works created through our programs over the years – two little online gems bursting with Canadian short film goodness.

If the choice is overwhelming, fear not, we’re here to help with some staff recommendations.

The first pick this week comes from Ursula Lawson, manager of programs and development. She thinks you should watch the hilarious Bait and Switch (you should!) which we programmed in the NSI Online Short Film Festival in July 2019. In the film, a young woman’s perception of beauty is challenged when she discovers her Tinder date lied in his profile. Remember when you could actually go on a Tinder date?

Our second pick this week is from Liz Janzen, NSI Totally Television program manager, who recommends the brilliant Noise, made through NSI Drama Prize in 2005 by writer/director Greg Spottiswood and producer Jason Charters. In the film, a boy locks himself in a car. His father tries to get him out. Cue an epic battle of wills.

If you have a favourite film created through one of our training programs, or want to recommend something from our film festival, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Stay safe out there.

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