You Will Go Home film Rhonda Lucy

Our impact

We support creators to change the world through the power of story

For over three decades we’ve helped 1,000+ creators tell unforgettable stories by honing their skills and connecting them to decision-making professionals through industry-informed training and mentoring in film, television and digital media.

Stories create an emotional connection that helps us understand other people’s experiences and gain lessons from them to apply to our own lives.

Canada’s large geographic footprint and dispersed population mean we need stories to cement a connection with our neighbours, especially those who are underrepresented in popular media.

Watching stories unfold on the screen creates a unique emotive response, building empathy and allowing us to see the world through different eyes.

Photo from CBC New Indigenous Voices film You Will Go Home

100% Truly national

We’re based in Winnipeg but our students and alumni are from urban, rural and remote communities across every province and territory in Canada.

47% Female participants

We pride ourselves on gender parity in our program participants.

81% Participants from underrepresented communities

We are committed to training participants from underrepresented communities.

82% Working grads

Our grads are sought-after in the film, television and digital media spheres.

1,000+ Projects developed

Our participants develop their creative projects with guidance and mentorship from industry professionals.

750+ Projects produced

Creators have taken their ideas from script to screen resulting in hundreds of impactful films and series over the years.