Features First

Development training for filmmakers working on their first or second feature film.

Program status:

Past program offered by the National Screen Institute


NSI Features First was a renowned development training launch pad for producer/writer teams looking to produce their first or second feature film with strong commercial appeal.

Teams met with top-level experts throughout the program and received a cash award towards the final development and packaging of their feature film project.

Since 1997, when we launched NSI Features First, over 25 feature films have been produced.

  • The Retreat, writer/producer Alyson Richards, director Pat Mills
  • Hunter Hunter, writer/director Shawn Linden
  • All-in Madonna, producer Arnold Lim, writer Susie Winters
  • Level 16, writer/director Danishka Esterhazy
  • SuperGrid, producer Hugh Patterson, writer Todd McCauley
  • Venus, producer Joe Balass, writer/director Eisha Marjara
  • Adventures in Public School, writer/producer Josh Epstein, writer/director Kyle Rideout
  • The Sun At Midnight, writer/director Kirsten Carthew
  • Two 4 One, writer/director Maureen Bradley
  • The Dark Stranger, producer Glen Wood, writer/director Chris Trebilcock
  • Bang Bang Baby, writer/director Jeffrey St. Jules
  • I Declare War, writer/director Jason Lapeyre
  • Every Emotion Costs, producer Joseph Mansourian, writer/director Darlene Naponse
  • Foodland, writer/director Adam Smoluk
  • Love and Other Dilemmas, producer Clare Hodge, director Larry Di Stefano, writer Deborah Peraya
  • Fetching Cody, producer Carolyn Allain, writer/director David Ray
  • 7 Times Lucky, producer Liz Jarvis, writer/director Gary Yates
  • On the Corner, producer Wendy Hyman, writer/director Nathaniel Geary
  • Goldirocks, producer Lisa Hayes, writer/director Paula Tiberius
  • Flower and Garnet, producer Trish Dolman, director/writer Keith Behrman
  • Leaving Metropolis, producers Ken Mead, Paul Stiles, director/writer Brad Fraser
  • Inertia, producer Brendon Sawatzky, director/writer Sean Garrity
  • Turning Paige, producer Carolyn McMaster, director/co-writer Robert Cuffley, writer Jason Long
  • My Father’s Angel, producer David Bouck, co-executive producer Trevor Hodgson, director Davor Marjonovic, writer Frank Borg
  • Violet, producer Mary Sexton, director/writer Rosemary House
  • The Bend, writer/director Jennifer Kierans (developed in part through NSI Features First)