Lifestyle & Reality Series Producer

Skills development to produce a lifestyle or reality TV series including mentorship on an existing series.

Program status:

Past program offered by the National Screen Institute


NSI Lifestyle & Reality Series Producer was an advanced training course focused on the specific skills required to produce a lifestyle or reality series. The course included a week-long training session followed by an eight-week hands-on mentorship on an existing series which had been green-lit by one of our Program Partners: Shaw Media, Bell Media and Corus.

This program empowered candidates to confidently take on the challenges and responsibilities of producing a lifestyle or reality series.

Candidates connected with top lifestyle and reality series producers, network executives, production executives and other industry leaders to round out their knowledge base and industry contacts.

Participating production companies included Cineflix Media, Paperny Entertainment, RTR Media, Big Coat Productions, Cellar Door Productions, Architect Films, Frantic Films, Peacock Alley Entertainment, Proper Television, Peace Point Entertainment Group, Temple Street Productions and Buck Productions.



Andrew Murray, Buck Productions (Toronto, ON)

JD Scott, Cineflix Productions (Vancouver, BC)

Sylvie Brownlow, Peace Point Entertainment Group (Toronto, ON)

Ryan Valentini, Peacock Alley Entertainment (Toronto, ON)

Meredith Veats, Proper Television (Toronto, ON)

Veronica Saluzzi, Temple Street Productions (Toronto, ON)


Rachel Coe, Paperny Entertainment (Vancouver, BC)

Melissa Smith, Big Coat Productions (Toronto, ON)

Christina Velocci, Architect Films (Toronto, ON)

Kate Green, Frantic Films (Vancouver, BC)

Jessica Vander Kooij, Cineflix (Toronto, ON)

Ann Whiteway, Cellar Door (Charlottetown, PEI)

Nicole Butler, RTR Media (Toronto, ON)