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Supporting new and emerging filmmakers in British Columbia + Alberta with production funding, training, mentorship and distribution.

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Since 2013, TELUS STORYHIVE has supported and championed new and emerging content creators in British Columbia and Alberta through innovative programs focused on uplifting diverse and underrepresented voices. There is a program for all types of content creators from filmmakers, digital content creators, visual podcasters and community live streamers.

STORYHIVE Editions supports new and emerging filmmakers with production funding, training mentorship and distribution to create and share diverse, compelling, locally reflective short films.

Once the finalists are chosen, the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) provides mentorship and training for the selected projects and their creators.




Explore STORYHIVE Edition projects on TELUS Optik TV Channel 9 and STORYHIVE’s YouTube Channel.

Key information


  • You must be +19 and a permanent resident of British Columbia and Alberta to get funding from TELUS STORYHIVE programs. View a full list of regions supported.
  • STORYHIVE is focused on sharing locally reflective stories from the people who live in these areas.