Santa’s Helper

Director: Alex Hatz ·

A down-on-his-luck elf must deliver a lump of coal on Christmas Eve to earn his way back into Santa’s good books.

The Trainee

Director: Ryan Couldrey ·

A gritty anti-hero’s interrogation of a criminal mastermind is derailed when her naïve sidekick arrives on the scene.


Director: Alysse Leite-Rogers ·

A waitress reaches her tipping point with a difficult table and serves up her own dish of revenge.


Director: ·

A sex toy mishap leads to a night in the emergency room.

Burnt Toast

Director: ·

After accidentally destroying his own toaster, Todd ventures out to purchase a used one from Pascal.


Director: ·

Four friends swear a solemn oath.


Director: ·

The unsexy realities of a sexy selfie.

The Interrogation M.A.

Director: ·

A steely detective interrogates a cagey woman, but things are not what they seem.

Keep Coming Back!

Director: ·

An unrecovered alcoholic, Patty, shows up at her local AA meeting ready to share her latest relapse story.


Director: ·

Erik discovers he’s descended from the King of the Franks.

Masters in Crime

Director: ·

A small-time thief assembles a crew of accomplices and devises an intricate heist.

Bait and Switch

Director: ·

A young woman’s perception of beauty is challenged when she discovers her Tinder date lied in his profile.