The Artistic Process

Director: Mandy May Cheetham ·

A blocked artist seeks creative inspiration.

The Tufts

Director: Lara Cassidy ·

In the 1980s, The Tufts created a hit sketch comedy show in Canada. Now they’re coming together again.


Director: Linda Rumney ·

A brother aids his distraught sister with the disposal of her dead lover’s body.

Let’s Not Talk About Syria

Director: Paula Elle ·

A candid portrait of a modern couple living in an increasingly globalized world.

A Birthday Story

Director: Alyson Richards ·

The tale of twin brothers who fight over each other’s birthday gifts.

Bickford Park

Director: Linsey Stewart, Dane Clark ·

A woman secretly starts taking skateboarding lessons from a handsome teenager to avoid dealing with the problems in her marriage.

Case of the Massey Bodice Ripping

Director: Karen Knox ·

A short film that illuminates the overwhelmingly poor use of rape as a plot device in film and TV since, well … since forever.

Multiverse Dating for Beginners

Director: Kelly Tatham ·

Ivy and Dave are totally hitting it off until she says the wrong thing and completely freaks him out. TYPICAL. But tonight’s no ordinary night.

In the Kitchen

Director: Jana Stackhouse ·

Rakhee reluctantly attempts to help her aunts clean the kitchen after a dinner party.

A Great Guy

Director: Adrian Patterson ·

Ryan is out with his girlfriend Emily when she drops the We-Need-To-Talk, sending Ryan into a tailspin of all his previous relationships.

A Visitor’s Review

Director: Ryan Mutama ·

An alien befriends a teenage sci-fi nerd but becomes angry at humanity when he sees how aliens are portrayed in film.

I Love You More

Director: Kevin Hartford ·

Two twentysomethings try to alleviate their boredom by seeing how far they can go to prove their feelings for each other.