Métis Femme Bodies

Director: Chanelle Lajoie ·

A visual and sonic exploration into the experiences of what has become a repressed identity in both Indigenous and female(-presenting) forms.

You Will Survive Doomsday

Director: Kyle McDougall ·

Bruce Beach’s unconventional journey to building his infamous underground bunker, the Ark Two.

Love Undivided

Director: Clare Clovechok ·

The perspectives of three people living ethically non-monogamous lives.

Curbside Haute Cuisine

Director: Kate Weiss ·

An upbeat, tasty documentary on the west coast food truck industry.

Creative Futures

Director: Scout Windsor, Dylan Paré ·

People think trans kids have no future. But by immersing us in their VR art, we see that another world is possible.

Dreams of the Dead

Director: Marlene Rodgers, Franco Pante ·

When the filmmaker’s grandmother dies a sudden death, the farm that had been the emotional hub of the family becomes a portal to the past.

A Short Documentary About People Fighting

Director: Solmund MacPherson ·

Strangers pair up to fight on camera. Consensual violence is, bizarrely, quite intimate.

Watching Karla Homolka

Director: Jordan Steinhauer ·

After serving only 12 years in prison, infamous Canadian criminal Karla Homolka was released and is now living in Quebec, Canada. But is she really free?

Keeper of Bees

Director: James Frislev ·

Albertan apiarist Eliese Watson shares her beekeeping philosophy and provides us with an introspective look into why people connect with these tiny creatures we call bees.

Living by the Drum

Director: Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud ·

Hit the trail with Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud as he explores one of our nation’s most sacred celebrations, the Pow Wow.

Above the Noise, Straight to the Heart

Director: Carla Bridgewater ·

Alberta’s music visionaries Prophets of Music come together to support young talent on the cusp of creating exceptional music.

IF The Poet

Director: Kim Saltarski ·

A middle-aged man with a family, mortgage and career suddenly decides to crash the world of competitive slam poetry.