Director: Catharine Parke ·

Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of high school, Arielle finds refuge in a dangerous habit – until her best friend discovers her secret.


Director: Pierce Csurgo ·

On the eve of his departure, an unhappy young man faces the explosive fallout his decision to travel causes in his relationship.

My Lyric I Never Knew

Director: Nauzanin Knight ·

A young Indigenous singer decides whether or not to debut a song internationally that will expose her turbulent past and the adoption of her child.

Red Eye

Director: S. Siobhan McCarthy ·

On Christmas Eve Angela drives her estranged daughter to the airport to catch the red eye flight home and reveals the truth about her past mistakes.

Clean Ice

Director: ·

The legacy of a run-down hockey arena is at stake as peculiar events unfold.

A Typical Fairytale

Director: ·

A young couple have a romance fit for a storybook – told entirely in rhyme.


Director: ·

Zoe searches for her mother after she abandons the family to become an internet health guru.


Director: ·

A young boy struggles to accept the death of his mother while his sister copes through violence.


Director: ·

A single mother helps a homeless man hideout from the police after he protects her from a vicious assault.

They Eat Your Teeth

Director: ·

An unusual tooth condition triggers an escalating confrontation with the worst aspects of Mallory’s psyche.


Director: ·

An electrician’s routine house call takes an unexpected turn when the sullen homeowners provide a nightmarish look into his potential future.


Director: ·

A young man searching for solace hires a professional cuddler.