Director: John Graham ·

A hypnotic dance of transformation in a metaphorical forest.

Moving Picture

Director: James Mor ·

A reclusive filmmaker discovers that he does not have control over his own creation.

Evelyn and I

Director: Weiye Su ·

An experimental and fictional film about Saskatchewan filmmakers and prairie landscapes.

The Streets

Director: Kelly Conlin ·

An exploration of the arteries of society; the pathways that divide and define our communities.


Director: Anna Cooley ·

A woman must defeat the demons that lurk in her nightmares if she is to save herself and the woman she loves.

Tears of Inge

Director: Alisi Telengut ·

A mother camel rejects her baby after a painful childbirth.


Director: John Graham ·

Three metaphorical characters intersect in stories told through gestures, body and sound.

It Was Sunny the Day I Killed Her

Director: Kenneth J. Harvey ·

A woman falls in love with a perverse, manipulative man who nurtures the deviance in her, until she is jilted and seeks revenge.


Director: Gloria Ui Young Kim ·

An impressionistic dance film that follows a young outsider as she plays the role of femme fatale.

maybe if it were a nice room

Director: Alicia Harris ·

An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms.


Director: Alisi Telengut ·

Wind burial, influenced by Shamanism, is an old Mongolian tradition.

Eleven Eleven

Director: Alicia Krawchuk ·

A troubled young woman realizes she is trapped in a conventional life.