Vanz Chapman (Toronto, ON)
Whizbang Films Inc.

Shirley Cheechoo (M’Chigeeng, ON)
Spoken Song Productions Inc.

Damon D’Oliveira (Toronto, ON)
Conquering Lion Pictures Inc.

Mason Haigh (Toronto, ON)
aBlaze Media

Azmi Haq (Toronto, ON)
RoohiJee Inc. d.b.a. Charyaar Films

Jennifer Holness (Toronto, ON)
Hungry Eyes/Film Food Inc.

Min Sook Lee (Toronto, ON)
ESL Media Productions Limited

Rajiv Maikhuri (Toronto, ON)
Bits and Pieces Picture Company Ltd.

Steven Martin (Gatineau, QC)
Dundeeroad Productions

Ngozi Paul (Toronto, ON)
Ngozika Productions Inc.

Jennifer Podemski (Toronto, ON)
Redcloud Studios

Ron Scott (Edmonton, AB)
Prairie Dog Film and Television Ltd.

Jeremy Torrie (Winnipeg, MB)
High Definition Pictures Inc.


Abhish Birla (Montréal, QC)
5 @ 7 Productions

Jason Friesen (Vancouver, BC)
Chasing Pictures Inc.

Marilyn Gray (Toronto, ON)
Hungry Eyes/Film Food Inc.

Kirk Johnson (Toronto, ON)
Steel City Productions

Glace Lawrence (Vancouver, BC)
GWIL Pictures Inc.

Shelley Niro (Brantford, ON)
Turtle Night Productions

Daphne Park (Toronto, ON)
Big City Pictures Inc.

Mitra Sen (Toronto, ON)
Sandalwood Productions Inc.

Anthony Sherwood (Brampton, ON)
Anthony Sherwood Productions Inc.

Richard Story (Toronto, ON)
Footpath Productions Inc.