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Mâtinamâkêwin: The Offering title card
Abiola Agbayewa

Abiola Agbayewa

Programs Outreach Manager

Today is National Canadian Film Day! This day aims to unite us from coast to coast to coast in celebration of the power that stories have in bringing us together.

This year, we are honoured to share the short film premiere of Mâtinamâkêwin: The Offering, created by participants of the 2023 edition of CBC New Indigenous Voices, written and directed by Renée Courchene.

For today only, Mâtinamâkêwin: The Offering is available for exclusive viewing above from 12 a.m. CT to 11:59 p.m. CT.

After watching the film, please enjoy this Q+A with the film’s writer / director Renée Courchene and the National Screen Institute’s manager of programs and development Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill.

We hope you’ll watch the film again and again while it’s still available on our website. Tag us on Instagram @nsi-canada to share your celebrations with us. Show us how you’re making National Canadian Film Day special.

Happy National Canadian Film Day! Let’s celebrate the stories that connect us, today and every day.

About Mâtinamâkêwin: The Offering


An intimate glimpse into the life of Sylvia Bird as witnessed by the Clark Family. The film gives a unique perspective regarding mental health. Particularly an Indigenous perspective, highlighting how we are all interconnected and affected as spiritual people by trauma and how we have learned to cope, differing from the colonial narrative of mental health and alcoholism within Indigenous communities.

We are taught by the Elders to offer plates of food and tobacco out for the spirits we wish to feed. The offering exposes how the Clark family unintentionally feeds the spirit, when their true intentions are kind-hearted.

Produced by the students of 2023 CBC New Indigenous Voices, presented by the National Screen Institute.

2023 CBC New Indigenous Voices participants / filmmakers

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CBC New Indigenous Voices 2023 was funded by Title, Presenting and Tuition Sponsor CBC; Program Partners Manitoba Sport, Culture & HeritageCentre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD)Telefilm Canada; Provincial Sponsor Creative BC through the Daryl Duke & William Vince Scholarship Fund; Industry Partner IATSE Local 856; Industry Supporter Film Training Manitoba; Service Sponsors William F. White InternationalFinal DraftLine 21 Media ServicesiSplice Films. NSI Core Funders are Manitoba Sport, Culture & Heritage and the City of Winnipeg through the Winnipeg Arts Council.

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