Focal Point: Wendy Hyman

Wendy Hyman

Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

At the National Screen Institute, we’re thrilled to celebrate our alumni and their accomplishments. Through Focal Point we aim to highlight significant milestones our alumni achieve with their projects and in their careers.

Congratulations to Wendy Hyman (NSI Features First), on her appointment as contract program manager of NSI IndigiDocs.

Wendy is an Alberta-based filmmaker with over 25 years experience in the industry. She attended the University of British Columbia where she studied film and television, and went on to produce films such as Around About TuesdayKeys to Kingdoms and Outrunners.

Wendy’s first feature film, On the Corner, which she produced through the NSI Features First program in 2001, made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film won multiple awards including best western Canadian film at the Vancouver International Film Festival, best Canadian film at Whistler Film Festival and more.

Wendy has maintained her involvement with the National Screen Institute since her time in NSI Features First, serving as a mentor to over 19 teams through various programs throughout the years, such as TELUS STORYHIVE and NSI IndigiDocs.

In this contract position, Wendy will work with four Indigenous filmmakers as they each produce a short documentary. Wendy will guide the filmmakers through production, connecting them with mentors and keeping them on track as they realize their vision.

The documentaries created through NSI IndigiDocs explore complex and emotional topics, and they are often a reflection of the filmmaker’s life, family or personal struggles. Wendy says working with these filmmakers is an honour and assisting them on their journey is the most rewarding part of her job.

“Watching dreams come true is a reward bigger than any paycheck – but watching hearts heal is even bigger.”

Wendy hopes to empower these filmmakers to make their own decisions and help them see their mistakes as opportunities to grow.

“The opportunity to help creative people reframe what might be considered a mistake into a blessing, that’s the joy of art,” says Wendy. “I love that learning process.”

Wendy describes herself as a lifelong learner, and says she learns as much from the students as they do from her. A lesson she hopes students walk away with is that this is just the beginning of a long career and friendship within the National Screen Institute community, and the support doesn’t stop after graduation.

“I hope they not only walk away with a film they’re proud of, but with relationships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It’s an enriched experience.”

Welcome to the team, Wendy! We are excited to see you serve and help develop the gifts of these filmmakers as they share their stories.

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