Important announcement about NSI IndigiDocs: deadline extended to January 15, 2021

About NSI IndigiDocs

2020 was a tough year. We know many have been dealing with difficult issues and financial challenges.

The NSI team had set the deadline to apply to NSI IndigiDocs right in the middle of the holiday season and, to put it simply, we received only a small number of applications. Acknowledging the many issues this year has presented and the busy time of year, we’re extending the NSI IndigiDocs application deadline to January 15, 2021.

There are talented Indigenous storytellers across Canada excited to tell important stories and we know many are interested in this online short documentary training program.

We urge you to get in touch ( if you have questions and/or concerns about the application or application fee, or about how training will be delivered. We will do all we can to break down any barriers preventing you from applying and sharing your story.

At NSI, we serve and help develop the gifts of Indigenous storytellers and hope we can work with you in this program to bring your story to life.

Find out more about the program and apply.

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