Canadian Independent Screen Fund for BPOC Creators: more accessible funding needed for creators


Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

The Canadian Independent Screen Fund for Black and People of Colour Creators (CISF) announced earlier this week that more specific and accessible funding needs to be allocated to Black and People of Colour (BPOC) owned companies and individual creators.

CISF is a production fund for Black and racially diverse communities led by key creators in the BPOC film community. Jennifer Holness (NSI Drama Prize, Telefilm – Canada Spark Plug Program, NSI Global Marketing), Adeline Bird (CBC New Indigenous Voices), Samantha Kaine (NSI associate faculty), Lalita Krishna (NSI Global Marketing) and Joy Loewen (NSI CEO) are a few of the current sitting board members.

CISF analyzed the recent Canada Media Fund (CMF)-IPSOS report reflecting the data collected as part of the Black and People of Colour COVID-19 Relief Allocation Funding. The report revealed the extent of the difficulties BPOC communities experience producing media content.

“The CMF-IPSOS report highlights the major disparities in income for BPOC creators, identifying that 73% are self-financing their projects and many are earning less than $30K per year,” said Jennifer Holness in the CISF press release.

Findings from the CMF May 2021 Report of Racialized Creators and Production Companies state:

CISF’s mandate addresses these barriers, and they believe these statistics speak to the need for a fund with fewer conditions.

Learn more about CISF and their goal for more accessible funding.

See the full CMF report.

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