NSI Business for Producers

Application deadline

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What is NSI Business for Producers

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To be successful both at home and internationally, Western Canadian (defined here as Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan and Francophone British Columbia) content producers must not only create great content but also effectively manage their production companies.

In the NSI Business for Producers program up to 12 film, television and digital media content producers will gather for two separate boot camps (totaling eight days) of intensive practical training in best practices for running their company.

Participants will receive further training in audience engagement and online best practices through a series of webinars.

The program will facilitate the creation of an operational business plan to succeed within the ever-more complex and challenging creative industries, teach negotiation and leadership skills required to finance productions and provide practical tools and information for producers to maintain and grow their companies.

Throughout the program producers will have access to mentoring by high-level industry professionals, program advisors and business plan experts.

Goal of NSI Business for Producers

To enable mid-level and senior Western Canadian content producers to successfully lead their production companies, staff and business affairs departments to achieve sustainable growth.

How much does it cost?

Note: NSI Business for Producers is a training program, not a funding program.

There is no application fee.

If selected, each producer is responsible for a $1,500 tuition fee and travel/accommodations in the boot camp host city.

Please discuss training/travel assistance with your industry association.

What are the dates of the program?

  • Selected participants announced: early July, 2016
  • Phase one boot camp (Winnipeg): August 8 – 12, 2016
  • Phase one continues: business plan revisions, social media marketing, webinars: August 13 – November 18, 2016 (exact dates to be confirmed)
  • Phase two boot camp (location TBC): November 22 – 24, 2016 (TBC)
  • Final deliverables due: December 12, 2016

Who are the NSI Business for Producers faculty?

Brendon Sawatzky and Brigitte Sachse. Read about the faculty.