NSI Features First Alumni

Presented by the National Screen Institute in association with Telefilm Canada


In Vein
Producer Lauren MacKinlay, writer James Fanizza (Toronto, ON)

Black Gold Muslimah
Producer Kulbinder Saran Caldwell, writer Muna Deria (Toronto, ON)

Producer Nick Schelle, writer Gemma Holdway (Vancouver, BC)

The Undertow
Producer Gharrett Patrick Paon, writer Andrew Dryden Mortimer (Halifax & Whitney Pier, NS)


Must Kill Karl
Producer Ryan West, writer Karen Moore (Toronto, ON)

She Smiles Back
Producer Amelia Wasserman, writer Matt Sadowski (Toronto, ON)

The Stars Shine in Temperance
Producer Christopher Redmond, writer Jared Young (Ottawa, ON)

Hailey Rose (formerly Wilting Iris)
Producer Scott Lepp, writer Sandi Somers (Okotoks & Calgary, AB)


All-In Madonna
Producer Arnold Lim, writer Susie Winters (Victoria, BC & Edmonton, AB)

Whitelash (formerly Hunting Season)
Producer Mark Wolff, writer Shayne Metcalfe (Saskatoon & Petrofka, SK)

We Came From the Sea
Producer Jeremy Lutter, writer Ryan Bright (Victoria & Vancouver, BC)

Smash Smash Revolution
Producer Jennifer Liao, writer Stephanie Law (Toronto, ON)


A Small Fortune
Producer Jason Arsenault, writer Adam Perry (Charlottetown, PEI)

Producer Trinni Franke, writer A.J. Demers (Toronto, ON)

Judas Priest
Producer Kristin Elsley, writer Lee Ventura (Toronto, ON)

Producer Hugh Patterson, writer Todd McCauley (Regina, SK & Vancouver, BC)


Choo Chew
Producer Mark Cutforth, writer Lee Hoverd (Toronto, ON)

Hidden Star
Producer Greg Jeffs, writer Colette Jeffs (Calgary, AB)

Little Kings
Producer Harry Cherniak, writer Dusty Mancinelli (Toronto, ON)

The Danish Ambassador’s Wife
Producer Shauna MacDonald, writer Andrea Stewart (Toronto, ON)


Ninja Girl
Producer Camille Beaudoin, writer Chris Craddock (Edmonton, AB)

Adventures in Public School
Producer/writer Josh Epstein, writer Kyle Rideout (Vancouver, BC)

Producer Matt Watterworth, writer Scott Westby (Calgary, AB)

Producer Joe Balass, writer Eisha Marjara (Montreal, QC)


Daniel Dolphin and the Horn of the Sea Dragon
Producer Carmen Forsberg, writer/director Adam Mars (Vancouver, BC)

The Dark Stranger
Producer Glen Wood, writer/director Chris Trebilcock (Toronto, ON)

Producer Alex Molenaar, writer/director Peter Genoway (Toronto, ON)

Two 4 One
Writer/director Maureen Bradley (ZoomerMedia Bursary recipient) (Victoria, BC)


Catch it Early
Producer Jordana Aarons, writer/director Sarah Warren (Toronto, ON)

Producer Michael Vernon, writer/directors David Hamelin, Neil Macdonald (Marsh Lake & Whitehorse, YK)

An Inheritence
Producer Rajvinder Kaur Uppal, writer/director Meghna Haldar (ZoomerMedia Bursary recipients) (Vancouver, BC)

Ocean City
Producer Ben Silverman, writer Matthew Bass, director Jason Stone (Richmond & Vancouver, BC)


People I Hate
Producer Urmi Bardhan, writer/director Naomi Ward (Mississauga & Toronto, ON)

Producer Amy Belling, writer/director A.J. Bond (Toronto, ON & Vancouver, BC)

Producer Jillian Ruby, writer/director Matt Ferguson (Toronto, ON)

The Teplitskys Are Furious
Producer Luke Bryant, writer/director Sarah Lazarovic (Toronto, ON)


Bitter Pills
Producer Cher Hawrysh, writer/director Garfield Lindsay Miller (North Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON)

Producer Maria Kennedy, writer/director Ben Mazzotta (Toronto, ON)

Heaven’s Door
Producer Katie Weekley, writer/director Geoff Redknap (Vancouver, BC)

The Bequest
Producer David Bajurny, writer/director Jeff Kopas (Toronto, ON)


Hunter Hunter
Producer Megan Heke, writer/director Shawn Linden (Winnipeg, MB)

Rebel Angels
Producer Polly Washburn, writer Bradley Sawatzky, director Shereen Jerrett (Winnipeg, MB)

The Retreat
Writer/producer Alyson Richards, director Pat Mills (Toronto, ON)

The Summer We Ran
Producer Richard Blonski, writer/director Bill Taylor (Toronto, ON)


The Berliner Complex
Producer Daniel Bekerman, writer Katherine Collins, director E. Jane Thompson (Toronto, ON)

Born Into This
Producer Darren Portelli, writer/director Emmanuel Shirinian (Toronto, ON)

Producer Suzan Derkson, writer Sarah Dodd, director Cory Kinney (North Vancouver & Vancouver, BC)

Mrs. Lee
Producer Melissa Taylor, writer/director Edmond Chan (Toronto, ON)

Skin to Skin
Co-writer/producer Marlene Rodgers, co-writer/director Ines Buchli (Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON)

World Leaders Gone Wild
Producer Sean T. Doyle, writer/director Iain MacLeod (Halifax, NS)


Every Emotion Costs
Producer Joseph Mansourian, writer/director Darlene Naponse (Sudbury & Naughton, ON)

Level 16
Producer Stéphanie Chapelle, writer/director Danishka Esterhazy (Toronto, ON & Winnipeg, MB)

Producer Angela Heck, writer Christine Lippa, director Tracy D. Smith (Squamish & Vancouver, BC)

The Take Out Girl
Producer Kryssta Mills, writer Lara McKinnon, director Allison Beda (Whiterock & Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON)

I Declare War (formerly War)
Producer Pauline Kupiak, writer/director Jason Lapeyre (Winnipeg, MB & Toronto, ON)


Bang Bang Baby
Producer Larissa Giroux, writer/director Jeffrey St. Jules (Toronto, ON)

Producer Timo Puolitaipale, writer Ryan Fitzgerald, director Darren Wall (Winnipeg, MB)

Producer Brent Deere, writer/director Adam Smoluk (Winnipeg, MB)

The Sun at Midnight
Producer Anneli Ekborn, writer/director Kirsten Carthew (Toronto, ON & Yellowknife, NT)

Time to Reap
Producer Rick Stefanowski, writer Teri Armitage, director Torin Stefanson (Saskatoon, SK)


Charming Grace
Producer Jennifer MacLennan, writer/director Will Pascoe (Toronto, ON)

Game On!
Producer Claire Querée, writer/director Justin MacGregor (Vancouver, BC)

Into the Sun
Producer Joelle Bourjolly, writer/director Jennifer Kierans (Montreal, QC)

The Rich Guy
Producer Kyle Bornais, writer Chris Charney, director John Barnard (Winnipeg, MB)

Stealing Riffs
Producer Adria Budd Johnson, writer/director Holly Redford (Vancouver, BC)


The Leftover Bandit
Producer Raj Panikkar, writer Brian Hartigan, director Kris Booth (Toronto, ON)

The Breakup Artist
Producer Kevin Shortt, writer/director Ken Hegan (Vancouver, BC)

Love and Other Dilemmas
Producer Clare Hodge, writer Deborah Peraya, director Larry Di Stefano (Vancouver, BC)

Lucky Luck
Producer Steve Harmaty, writer Karen Tulchinsky, director Desiree Lim (Vancouver, BC)


Fetching Cody
Producer Carolyn Allain, writer/director David Ray (Vancouver, BC)

Near Death
Producer Paula Devonshire, writer Brian Morey, director Sue Riedl (Toronto, ON)

The Women of My Life
Producer Sylvie Peltier, producer/writer/director Carole Ducharme,  (Vancouver, BC)

Touch the Moon
Producer Barbara Badessi, writer/director Shandi Mitchell (Halifax, NS)

When Pigs Fly
Producer Shawn Watson, producer Scott McLaren, writer/director Christofer Behnisch (Winnipeg, MB & Toronto, ON)


On The Corner
Producer Wendy Hyman, writer/director Nathaniel Geary (Vancouver, BC)

7 Times Lucky
Producer Liz Jarvis, writer/director Gary Yates (Winnipeg, MB)

Producer Lisa Hayes, writer/director Paula Tiberius (Toronto, ON)

Stand-Up Guys
Producer Kirk Johnson, writer/director Michael Cameron (Toronto, ON)


Polaroids of Don
Producer Virginia Thompson, writer Marty Chan, director Robert de Lint (Regina, SK & Edmonton, AB)

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.
Producer Jennifer Harkness, director/writer James Hyslop (Toronto, ON)

Producer Brendon Sawatzky, director/writer Sean Garrity (Winnipeg, MB)

The Cosmonaut’s Handbook
Producer Ari A. Cohen, director/writer Anthony Seck (Montreal, QC)

Flower & Garnet
Producer Trish Dolman, director/writer Keith Behrman (Vancouver, BC)


Jimmy Luvs Sherri
Producer Glace Lawrence, writer Rosemary Williams, director Selina Williams (Vancouver, BC)

Turning Paige
Producer Carolyn McMaster, writer Jason Long, director/co-writer Robert Cuffley (Calgary, AB)

Leaving Metropolis
Producers Ken Mead, Paul Stiles, director/writer Brad Fraser (Edmonton, AB)

My Father’s Angel
Producer David Bouck, co-executive producer Trevor Hodgson, writer Frank Borg, director Davor Marjanović (Vancouver, BC)

Producer Mary Sexton, director/writer Rosemary House (St. John’s, NF)

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