Now, more than ever, the world needs storytellers


Joy Loewen


Above top row from left: Joy Loewen, Liz Hover, Elise Swerhone; middle row: David Pollock, Chris Vajcner, Kaya Wheeler; bottom row: Ursula Lawson

Today, April 7, is the National Screen Institute’s birthday.

For those who know staff member Chris Vajcner (our director of partner support), you know she loves to celebrate birthdays. And thanks to Chris, birthday celebrations have become part of our organization’s culture.

We value and celebrate the birthdays of all team members – no matter how enthusiastic they are about getting older! We always have an informal celebration in an effort to make every team member feel special, loved and connected.

While this is a tricky time for celebrating, the National Screen Institute turns 34 today. That may not be a significant milestone but there’s no question we’re living in a milestone moment.

Today, the team took a moment during our daily check-in to celebrate the organization and give thanks for all members of the board and staff (past and present), our generous funders, outstanding faculty members, and especially our participants and alumni. Together we’ve enriched the arts and cultural community in Canada and around the world.

Now, more than ever, the world needs storytellers to feed our souls with genius stories and be our companions during these isolating and uncertain moments.

While it’s hardly business as usual, we’ve been busy … but never too busy to enjoy a piece of cake.

Happy birthday!

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