Racial Equity Media Collective report calls for changes to harmful data collection


Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

The Racial Equity Media Collective (REMC) has released a new report, Evaluating Racial Equity in Canada’s Screen Sector, which shows a lack of data available and harmful data collection practices surrounding Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) participation in the sector.

REMC originally planned to release a report collecting industry-wide, race-based data from government, funders, unions and broadcasters to measure inequity in the sector. However, during their research they found this race-based information had not been historically collected, and institutions that have been collecting data had done so through harmful and problematic practices.

This lack of information gave way to their new report calling on the government to make this information more accessible, and to formalize a new, safe way to collect data.

To create a pathway to equity, REMC recommends the following:

Read the full report or summary report to learn more about the importance of race-based data and how communities are affected by harmful collection practices.

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